The Importance of a Personal Injury Lawyer to Businesses with Over 10 Employees.

It is a sad and unavoidable fact of life that accidents can and will always happen. Even to the most careful of people. Not even businesses are exempt from this fact of life, or ‘business life’ in their case.

While individuals who cause accidents as a result of their carelessness or negligence can often be held responsible for the accident and injury they may have caused, there isn’t always a guarantee of an appropriate or commensurate compensation that the accident victim may receive, for reasons such as the guilty party not being insured, or having no source of income or any other similar reason.

The same cannot necessarily be said about businesses. Whenever an accident or a resulting personal injury is caused by a business, or any of its employees or any property it owns, it is almost always expected that appropriate compensation be paid by the business to the victim or victims. And unlike individuals, businesses are not necessarily in the same boat as individuals, because they are presumed to be a revenue generating entity and consequently should have the necessary funds to compensate the injured party.

Lager businesses or corporations are so much more subject to and liable for compensations, and more often than not, these compensations can very easily run into the millions of dollars, because of the perceived large balance sheets of these big businesses.

It is exactly for this reason that any business with a sizable number of employees, should be sure to have a personal injury lawyer on its payroll, either directly, or indirectly. This is because, as has been previously stated, accidents can happen at any time, accidents for which the business will be held liable for. Whether it is accidents in the workplace or accidents outside the workplace that has been caused by an employee of the business, such as a car accident, all of which the business will be held responsible for.

While many people, especially new or young small business owners would automatically assume that because they are a business, then the only or main legal advice they will ever need to get is from a small business attorney. This is not necessarily the case. While it is true that a business lawyer and all the legal advice they can bring to bear on the business can be very crucial to the survival of the business, it is very easy to overlook the other aspects of law which their business might need help with, and as the title of this article suggests, one such legal help or representation such a business might need at any point in time is that of a personal injury attorney.

Perhaps the importance a personal injury attorney might have over other types of lawyers, say a contract attorney or labour attorney, is the fact that the compensation that a business might be forced to pay the victim of a personal injury that the business has caused, can very often run into the millions of dollars, a figure which can very easily cause the death of a company, and consequently lead to the company filing for bankruptcy.

On the other hand, a breach of contract case for instance, for which a contract attorney will be needed, is not often known to attract particularly huge sums of money, in terms of a penalty fee that the business might be fined for breaching the contract. Nor is the fine a company might be forced to pay an employee which it has wrongfully fired, be as much as a personal injury claim can be. All of which hopefully underscores the importance such a personal injury attorney or litigator can play to the survival of your small business.

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