Best Advice for Accident Claims Victims in UK

Legal Claim UK constitutes a network of professional personal injury solicitors working across the United Kingdom and offer accident compensation advice for free. Their network of lawyers are part of the panel of Law Society, and experts of personal injury, working on cases where they don’t charge any fee if they don’t win the case. That’s a ‘no win no fee’ type of case. There are also compensations without any deduction and no charges for a win or lose. The no win no fee system they operate comes with zero risks. And as the case goes on, you are not required to pay anything.

Statistical estimates show that out of the 11 million personal injury related accidents that occur in Britain each year, 2 million of them are as a result of someone’s negligence. According to the law, anyone who has suffered a personal injury as a result of another’s negligence is entitled to claims. The best place for victims of personal injury is the civil courts, where they make sure that every victim receives their fair share of compensation for medical bills and any other costs suffered during the accident.

Before a personal injury professional solicitors take on any case, they do an in-depth research into the case. They go through the whole case with you and make sure all circumstances leading up to the accident are tackled. If after everything they realize that the chances of succeeding in this case are high, they will come up with a winning plan and then start gathering evidence for the case.

Best Advice for Accident Claims Victims

The success of any claims if often affected by the following:

The timespan: a solicitor would likely decline handling a case if the case has existed for more than three years. Many personal injury cases have a limitation period of three years. If by then the case is still not dealt with or that a civil court hasn’t issued anything that its effect, that case might become statute barred. There are, however, some exceptions. The vital one is that the calculation of the time would not start until a victim turns 18 years. Though there are equally other exceptions, always ensure that legal claims advice is sorted to make sure you are on the right path.

The injuries: an important thing to consider are the injuries that were diagnosed by the doctor. The solicitor will make good use of the doctor’s record as evidence of the type of injury and accident, and as proceedings for the case go on, the solicitor might even go for a special advice from another physician if the need arises. It’s therefore advisable that as soon as an accident occurs, medical advice be sorted from a General Medical Practitioner, a nearby emergency unit or a local hospital.

The police: a professional solicitor for accident compensation will collaborate with the police that saw the accident or what happened shortly after it occurred. This solicitor acquires a copy of the report given by the police which is supposed to be available as soon as all the important prosecutions are taken care of. If the need arises, a policeman might be brought in as a witness in the law courts.

The witnesses: in most cases there would be witnesses and it’s always appropriate to collect their statements as soon as possible. The case of the claimant is largely supported by the statements of the witness but the statements of the witnesses shouldn’t be acquired by the injured persons themselves. There should be an agent, acting as a private inquirer to gather these statements in the victim’s stead.

The evidence: the more solicitors have access to evidence and the right information, the higher the success rate of the case, and it is advised that solicitors should take photographs of the accident scene. There should also be a daily record that keeps information of the recovery process right from the time of the injury to the current state. These records are needed to calculate the compensation that is to be paid to the victim. Also important are receipts for all expenses incurred during and after the injury.

In case you suffered injuries from an accident which is still within three years and it so happens that the accident was not your fault, then you should immediately contact  a personal injury lawyer. You will have access to expert advice from highly specialized lawyers who have been claiming compensation for victims of personal injuries for years.

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